Having a tooth pulled as an adult feels a bit like an unnecessary thing. And an incredibly irritating one. But, sometimes it’s necessary, even in adulthood. Teeth can become infected, rotten, chipped, or take on several other problems that could mean it needs to come out and a filling and crown need to go in.

You may not have had a tooth pulled in a very long time and might be a bit remiss about what to expect.

Going to the dentist is never fun, it’s even less fun when you know you have to undergo a procedure. But tooth pulling is one of the more common and less involved procedures you could have done by a dental professional. Still, knowing what to expect can be a huge benefit to you before going in.

To help you prepare for your visit, we’ve put together a guide of what you can expect from a dental visit that requires teeth to be removed.

Know Your Conditions

Before even going in for the procedure, talk to your dentist about your preexisting conditions. The procedure can expose your bloodstream to bacteria that can be harmful to those with weaker immune systems. If you have weakened or artificial heart valves, liver disease, impaired immune system, or a history of infections.


For this procedure you’ll be put under. So be prepared to receive a dose of anesthetic to prevent the pain receptors in your body and put you to sleep during the procedure. So, you’ll want to prepare yourself for this. Know how you react to anesthetic as some people require different doses or have a history of reacting poorly to the gas.


Recovery for a pulled tooth can take longer than you might think. You’ll need to allow time for the anesthesia to wear off and then you’ll need to manage the pain with medication and take care of the wounded area to prevent infection after the fact. You’ll also have to be on a liquid diet for a period during the healing process. There will also be swelling and occasional bleeding which is common.

Related Questions

How Is the Tooth Extracted?

The actual process is straightforward: the dentist uses forceps to pull it out. However, if the tooth is impacted larger incisions will need to be made into the gums and bone to get the tooth removed. Generally speaking, the tooth will be gently loosened and removed but sometimes may be extracted in pieces.

What Are Possible Complications?

Infection is always a possibility as you will have a healing wound in your mouth. If you develop a fever or flu like symptoms after the procedure, you’ll want to let your dentist know and seek medical attention for antibiotics.

Getting your tooth pulled can be scary or tricky, but it’s uncomplicated and just requires a little bit of recovery time. An experienced and trusted dentist makes a difference.

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