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Get the Best Technology in Clear Braces at our Commerce Twp. Dental Office

Clear Correct Invisible braces are an affordable and effective cosmetic dental treatment to straighten your teeth. We can accomplish this without metal braces. In most cases, people will not even know you are wearing braces.

Dr. Sedki is an experienced dentist that offers the latest dental treatments for creating the perfect smile. Clear Correct aligners are easily removable, which allows our patients to eat their favorite meals. There are no wires, so you can enjoy your meals and floss with ease.

Invisible braces dentist and clear correct braces in commerce
Clear Correct Aligners Dentist in Commerce Twp

Dr. Sedki has completed certification in Clear Correct and Invisalign clear aligner braces.

How Do Clear Braces Work?

You will wear a series of custom aligners (plastic retainers), that apply pressure to the teeth we would like to straighten. Dr. Sedki will monitor your progress and will provide new aligners as you progress during the treatment. On average, you should wear your clear choice aligners at least 22 hours per day, until your treatment is complete.

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During your initial free consultation, Dr. Sedki will evaluate your unique situation and determine if you are a good candidate for invisible braces. The next step will include photographs, x-rays, and impressions of your teeth to capture the shape and create the perfect smile.

The Benefits of Clear Choice Braces Include:




Extremely Effective





clear correct aligner braces waterford mi





Hardly noticeable
Metal braces, typically silver is obviously more noticeable
Treatment Time
6 Months – 18 months
Normally, 24 Months, could be longer
Visits to your dentist
Typically one per month
Typically one per month
Routine Maintenance
Brush teeth morning, night and after eating; wash trays after removing
Brush teeth morning, night and after eating; a water pick is very helpful
After Active Treatment
Invisible retainer needed ongoing
Retainer needed ongoing, possibly only at night
• Invisible
• No problems trapping food
• Removable
• No problems eating
• No “poky” wires or brackets
• More effective for more complex issues
• No discipline needed to wear them
• Regular brushing and water pick
• May have discomfort from brackets, or tooth movement
• May have issues eating sticky / hard foods
• May have discomfort from teeth moving
• Must brush after eating
Potentially Not Ideal For
Patients who play rough contact sports
Patients with; bridge work, need to rotate teeth, need to move teeth up or down, lack of discipline to wear 22 hours per day
Dr. Sedki offers many cosmetic treatments at his Commerce Twp Dental office. Make sure to checkout veneers, dental braces, and teeth whitening. Mouth Healthy has very useful information regarding cosmetic dental treatments and procedures, make sure to check out clear correct aligners website for more information.

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