You might be surprised to know that cavities aren’t the only indicator of where the health of your mouth is at. While cavities can tell you how well you’re taking care of your teeth, there’s most comprehensive ways to examine what’s really going on with your overall health inside your mouth. One of the best indicators is actually your tongue. Your tongue can tell a lot about the state of your oral health based on its color, texture, and a whole lot more.

Your tongue has a lot to say about your oral health and health overall.

The color of it, the texture, potential pain all play a part in telling the story of your oral health. While many ailments or changes in the tongue are harmless and easily remedied, some are signs of a deeper and more serious issue that you should consult with a doctor about.

Below are some common examples of changes in the feeling or texture of your tongue and what they could be a sign of.

White Patches

You may notice one day you have sudden whit patches on your skin which appear lacy and wipe away if you take a brush to them. This is actually a fungal infection that indicates a bacterial imbalance in your mouth. This most often comes on the heals of an illness but can be caused by other ailments since all it really indicates is your immune system is attacking tissue in your mouth.

Odd Feelings

If you find yourself suddenly feeling like you’ve burnt your tongue despite not taking a drink of coffee or have bitter or metallic tastes in your mouth, it could be a sign of nerve problems on your tongue. This can be a symptom of an infection, acid reflux, or diabetes. It may also be that different foods or drinks that wouldn’t normally, make your tongue suddenly burn due to nerve abnormalities.

Smooth Tongue

You can actually keep track of your vitamin and nutrient intake but the way your tongue looks. If it appears to be smooth and glossy across thee surface, without any bumps then that could be a sign of deficiencies in iron, folic acid, or vitamin B. It can also be indicative of an infection, celiac disease, or a reaction to a medication.

Related Questions

What are the painful bumps on my tongue?

These could be a few things. Canker sores are usually the sore bumps on the bottom of your tongue while lie bumps appear on top, usually indicative of an irritation. If you have multiple painful bumps, it could be an infection.

What are signs of mouth cancer?

Sores that don’t heal, large lumps, severe tongue pain, and trouble chewing and swallowing are all signs of something abnormal going on in your mouth and it could be a sign of a more serious problem. Make sure your tongue and overall health are in check by scheduling a dental checkup twice year.

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