Imagine going to the dentist to restore your receding gum line and leaving with rejuvenated gums after just one dentist visit. This is exactly what the Pinhole Surgical Technique® has done for thousands of people — but its quick and precise treatment are not the only benefits of choosing this treatment.

What are benefits of Pinhole Surgical Technique for receding gums?

This pinhole procedure is essentially painless, makes no incisions and can permanently treat gum recession.

Repairing your receding gums with the Pinhole Surgical Technique significantly decreases the risk for tooth loss, root cavities and periodontal disease. Below, we answer some commonly asked questions about this innovative treatment.

What Are the Benefits of the Pinhole Surgical Technique ?

The Pinhole Surgical Technique works with your existing gum tissue your gum tissue to remedy your receding gum line. While this method has been dubbed “quick and easy” there are a host of other benefits this treatment provides, including:

  • Minimally Invasive: Pinhole Surgical No need for scalpels or invasive surgical tools Technique begins by creating a pinhole in the gum tissue that is receding, which Is often gone by the next day
  • Virtually Painless: Since there is no cutting there is no pain, swelling or bleeding .
  • No Stitches: With the Pinhole Surgical Technique does not require stitches.
  • Less Chance of Infection: The small pinholes significantly lowers the risk for developing an infection.
  • Quick Recovery: You can resume normal daily activities immediately following the procedure, and typically enjoy normal eating by that same evening.

What is Recovery Time of Pinhole Surgical Technique?

From start to finish, the treatment generally takes 1 to 1 ½ hours and recovery time is significantly quicker than traditional treatments. After the Pinhole Surgical Technique, people generally heal within one day, compared to about three weeks of recovery time with other gum recession treatments like grafting.

How Does PST Differ From Traditional Remedies?

The Pinhole Surgical Techniques takes care of all the gum recession in your mouth in just one sitting. Traditional treatments require multiple appointments because after a small area of the mouth has been treated there needs to be a recovery period (to allow swelling to go down and stitches are gone) before your dentist can move onto the next portion of your mouth.

Is Pinhole Surgical Technique Permanent?

Pinhole surgery is a permanent solution to gum recession. Immediately following the procedure, you will notice results. The end result is a natural looking, long lasting and healthy gum line. Some patients can see slight changes over the years due to genetics, but majority of patients see positive results that lasts a lifetime.

How Effective is Pinhole Surgical Technique?

The Pinhole Surgical Technique is reported to provide a better overall patient experience and satisfaction. According to a recent survey by The International Journal of Periodontics and Restorative Dentistry, the mean level of patient satisfaction is 95%.

Related Questions:

What are Symptoms of Receding Gums?

Receding gums increase over time and with age. Some symptoms of receding gums include:

  • Gum Pain: Sensitivity and pain at the gum line can be an indication that gums are receding.
  • Loose Teeth: As receding gums worsen, there is not enough gum tissue to hold tooth roots in place which leads to loose teeth.
  • Long Teeth: Due to a diminished gum line, teeth have the appearance of looking longer than normal.
  • Exposed Roots: Exposed roots are often a sign of periodontal disease and can be sensitive.

Is Gum Recession A Serious Condition?

The most common causes of gum recession are gingivitis, periodontitis, tobacco use, tooth grinding, teeth misalignment, genetics and the natural aging process. Gum recession can also occur from brushing your teeth too hard or using a toothbrush with hard bristles. When gum recession occurs, the bone structure of the tooth becomes exposed. If gum recession is not treated, tooth decay and other problems can affect the teeth along the gum line and beneath it.


Healthy gums are essential for protecting your teeth’s roots, as well as leads to If you are experiencing gum recession, choosing the Pinhole Surgical Technique is a quick, painless and effective treatment that rebuilds your gum line for a long-lasting healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Sedki is an experienced dentist, helping patients improve their smiles for over 18 years and is trained and certified in this oral treatment. He has always stayed on top of the latest dental technologies, and is proud to offer Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation, as an incredible treatment for gum recession. Sedki Dentistry is a full-service dental clinic that meets the dental needs of the entire family. Our services include cosmetic dentistry, dental treatments, children’s dentistry and more! Call our Commerce Dental Office for a Free Consultation!