Thirty-two is the number of teeth most of us begin adulthood with. This number comprises the following: molars, premolars, canines, and incisor teeth. It would be an ideal situation if we could go through life with all 32 teeth; however, by middle age (45 to 65 years) most of us have lost a few. Additionally, one in four in this age bracket have lost all their teeth. Periodontitis (gum disease), tooth decay, or injury are the primary causes for tooth loss in adults and it’s important to have them replaced if you can.

What are some options for tooth replacement?

The ADA (American Dental Association) accentuates how imperative it is for tooth replacements to last several years. There are several options for replacing missing teeth, such as;

Dental implants-dental implants are costlier than other forms of tooth replacement; yet, they look and feel like a real tooth. Dental implants affords a foundation for removable or permanent artificial teeth that is secure.

Fixed bridge– is used as a replacement for several missing teeth. A fixed bridge is composed of manufactured teeth welded to a frame. The bridge is bolstered by teeth or implants that envelope the hole where the missing tooth once was. The core of a bridge is the section replacing the missing tooth.

Full dentures– this option for tooth replacement is also known as conventional dentures. This option for tooth replacement is a full set of manufactured teeth–upper and lower.

Removable partial dentures– this option replaces a defined amount of teeth. It has a base made of plastic that is reinforced by surrounding teeth and gums. This device can be taken out for cleaning.

Cosmetic dentures– these dentures are made to look like natural teeth. The base is constructed with an acrylic material which deters depreciation.

Each tooth has an important part to play

Every tooth in your mouth is important. Not only do they play an important role in how your smile looks, your teeth also do much more. Without teeth you would not be able to chew food efficiently. Also, teeth enable you to talk and enunciate words. In addition, teeth have a vital role in the formation of your mouth and face, helping to keep things lifted and in place.

Related Questions

Is it necessary to replace a tooth that is missing?

Yes, if you can. When you lose a tooth–even a back tooth–it alters your facial structure and makes your face age. Chewing and digesting food as well as speaking can be greatly affected and create frustration in life.

Can a missing tooth create problems?

Yes, missing teeth can result in receding gums, jawbone shrinkage, and even create excessive plaque and decay, affecting your quality of life.

Missing teeth wrap up

If you do not replace missing teeth, it can create wrinkles on your face. The reason why is because the normal blood flow the body once sent to the jaws and gums ceases. In addition, without teeth to support the jawline, it begins to ascend which form wrinkles spanning from the mouth and across the cheeks. Let’s not forget about your smile. Missing teeth affect your smile which is the first thing people notice when they meet you. So, if you want to maintain that youthful look, and great smile, ensure those missing teeth get replaced as quickly as possible.

If you have missing teeth and it is affecting your physical and emotional well-being, call your dentist and explore your options. Most dentists offer financing or dental memberships that can help you get the smile you deserve.

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