The first years of life are formative for oral hygiene practices. Tooth decay in children lie in their early habits of poor toothbrushing and flossing. When there is tooth decay in primary teeth it can lead to the risk of permanent teeth also being prone to decay.

It is critical to implement good dental care with your children starting when they get their first teeth, if not before.

The primary teeth are very fragile and susceptible to cavities. These first teeth are so vital- used for chewing and for speaking in learning correct pronunciation.

Primary teeth also hold the spot for where the permanent teeth will grow into. This helps spacing and therefore vital for the adult tooth to find its place and prevent overcrowding. Proper care will solidify the foundation for healthy permanent teeth.

Monkey see, monkey do- and that is good practice here when it comes to good habits! When your children see how you take care of your teeth, they will follow. Parents it is so important to teach your children how to care for their teeth so they can develop a routine. It is imperative to supervise their toothbrushing in the first years specially to make sure they are using the proper amount of toothpaste and not swallowing fluoride. Lead them to help form the habit of routine care.

Teeth- primary and permanent teeth- should be brushed twice a day. From 1-4 years old have your child brush first and then parents should re-brush to thoroughly clean. Parents lead brushing until your child can brush on their own.

It’s a myth that primary teeth are not important to take care of, they are the basis for permanent teeth. How the primary teeth are cared for will be indicative to how adult teeth will also be cared for. Parents demonstrate the importance of proper oral care and lay the foundation for your children. Strong and healthy teeth start with good care in the first formative years of life.

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