We all know saliva is the clear liquid in our mouth. But do we know how it is created and why?

Also, what is the importance of good oral health and saliva?

Saliva is essential to a healthy body. Even though it primarily contains water, it also contains the valuable ingredients such as enzymes you need to maintain healthy teeth and for digesting food.

There are proteins and minerals contained in saliva that guards the enamel on our teeth. These minerals also aid in reducing the amount of decay that collects on our teeth. This is a natural combatant against the development of gum disease.

Important Facts about Saliva

Some other important things you may not of known about your saliva in regards to oral health includes:

● Maintains moisture inside the mouth; attributing to our comfort level
● Aids in the ability to chew, swallow, and taste the food we eat
● Combats bacterial growth and aids in keeping breath fresh
● Maintains a secure fit for dentures and other dental work

How is Saliva Created?

Saliva is created when you chew food or suck on hard candy or throat lozenges. The harder you suck or chew the more saliva you create. The salivary glands, are what creates this saliva. They are found in the mouth–by the front teeth near the jawbone, bottom of mouth, and inside each cheek.

How Saliva Travels in the Body

Saliva travels through the body via the tubes called salivary ducts. We have six primary saliva glands and many more inconsequential ones. On a regular day, our body generates from 2 to 4 pints of saliva–with the bulk being created in the evening hours.

Related Questions

Is saliva blood that is filtered?

Yes. It is sieved from the blood stream, holding back the red blood cells that is needed for the arteries. Hormones and calcium transfer into saliva from blood.
Is saliva essential for good health?

The answer to this question is yes. Saliva is an essential liquid that is required for a healthy body. It combats the bacteria in our mouth as well as ridding bad odors.


On a final note, regarding saliva and oral health. Too little saliva can cause a condition known as “dry mouth” (xerostomia). This condition can cause the mouth and gums to become dry and swollen. It can also be grounds for creating bacteria that causes bad breath.

Certain medication and illness can be the underlying cause for dry mouth. If you find you are suffering from dry mouth you should contact your health professional immediately.

Your oral health and the overall health of your body is dependent on a good supply of saliva. So, taking care of your mouth with daily brushing, flossing and regular visits to the dentist will help keep both your oral and physical health in check!

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