It’s possible you dread the annual visits to the dentist as you’re forced to sit in a chair and be subject to a cleaning and lectures on flossing. But there’s good reason you’re asked to visit the dentist once a year for a cleaning and checkup. A lot of the cleaning you do at home isn’t sufficient enough and a lot of conditions would go unnoticed if you didn’t go to the dentist first.

Professional dental cleanings are for a good reason and it’s not just to get your smile whiter.

They perform a vital function of cleaning your teeth of built up plaque and screening for any conditions that could start to become serious. You don’t always know when you have a cavity or the beginnings up an infection, but a dentist can spot it during your annual dental checkup.

Below are some of the benefits of getting an annual cleaning and checkup from your professional dentist.

Stains and Plaque

Dental cleanings offer a chance to clean your teeth of any stains that have set in over the course of the year. This can come from drinking coffee, tea, or acidic beverages. On top of that, your dental hygienist can clean your teeth of plaque, a biofilm buildup of bacteria that start to cause gum disease and other complications. You can’t always get to it yourself with brushing and flossing.

Cancer Screenings

A fair amount of diseases can be diagnosed simply from taking a look inside your mouth, oral cancer is one of them. On average, one American dies every hour from oral cancer and early detection can be key. One way to ensure you’re doing everything you can is to see your dentist regularly for check ups and cleanings.

You’ll Save Money

Most routine dental cleanings are covered by insurance programs which can help you save money in the long run as you spend little for yearly checkups and avoid having accumulating problems such as cavities or infections that result from not seeing the dentist regularly. You’ll also have a sustained better quality of life with your oral health by making sure it’s as healthy and clean as possible.

Related Questions

What routine problems can the dentist detect during cleanings?

Besides serious issues such as cancer, your dentist will be able to clinically diagnose cavities, the development of gum disease, and the possibility of tooth infections. They can also see any problems with fillings, potential fractures or cracks, and a lot more that would normally go undetected and eventually become painful.

How can I care for my teeth on my own?

Your dentist will stress the importance of cleaning your teeth regularly and using floss each day to avoid bacteria build up and cavities. You can also use dentist approved mouth wash to aid in this. Avoid sugary or acidic foods in excess, as well as foods and drinks that can cause staining or the breakdown of enamel.

Don’t skip your dental checkups, they can help you a ton in the long run. Visiting twice a year will help keep everything in check.

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