An electronic toothbrush in not only a good holiday gift, it’s a great anytime gift.

According to data from e-gift platform GiftNow, a whopping 54 percent of all holiday gifts were exchanged or altered last year.1 That means that you have a less than 50 percent chance that the gift you agonized over during this holiday season will be returned to the store by the time you are ringing in the New Year. So, why not try giving a unique gift this year which friends and loved ones are almost guaranteed to keep? That gift is an electric toothbrush!

There are a host of reasons that an electric toothbrush is a great gift idea.

Foremost is the fact that it says you care about the health of the gift recipient. You only have one set of teeth for life and since many of us are living well into our 70th year, cavities and other oral health issues can be prevented through flossing and proper tooth brushing for at least twice per day for two or more minutes per session.

Yes, cavities are preventable, and an electric toothbrush can help to prevent them better than a manual toothbrush, according to a research analysis of 56 studies done on electric vs. manual toothbrushes over a 47-year time period. That analysis, released in 2014 by the Cochrane Oral Health Group found that an electric toothbrush can reduce dental plaque by 21 percent and gingivitis by 11 percent after three months of use.2

Another plus to gifting an electric toothbrush is that the features added to electric toothbrushes aid in better brushing. Most have a built-in timer which keeps the toothbrush working for a minimum of two minutes. That way you don’t have to keep watching the clock to know when you’ve accomplished the American Dental Association recommended brushing time.3 Many electric toothbrushes also come with a monitor that detects and alerts you when you are brushing too hard which causes eroding tooth enamel and gum recession.

Buying an electric toothbrush as a gift doesn’t have to break your budget. In fact, prices range from $13 for an Oral-B Pro Health Dual Action Battery Toothbrush to up to $200 for a rechargeable power toothbrush according to Cost Helper Health.4 During this holiday season electric toothbrushes do go on sale. Best Buy had a Phillips Sonicare Essence on sale recently for $19.99. So, check around and get a good deal on the toothbrush and you just might also be afford to throw a few replacement brush heads into the recipient’s present.

Electric toothbrushes are also great gifts for children. They make brushing easier for children because the brush does all the work and shuts off after two minutes have elapsed. This prevents children from rushing through their brushing efforts. With a colorful action figure embossed on the brush handle, children are also more eager to brush their teeth. Those with difficulty holding a toothbrush, like the elderly or those with arthritis or other dexterity challenges, can also benefit from using electric toothbrushes.

Anecdotally, dental hygienists report that they can tell if a person uses an electric toothbrush when that person comes in to have their teeth cleaned. But perhaps the most compelling reason to buy an electric toothbrush as a present is that most people who own electric toothbrushes are very happy with their purchase. You just have to read some of the reviews by actual users to know this is true. A good source of these reviews, and a great guide in helping you select the right electric toothbrush, is an article in New York Magazine entitled, “The Best Electric Toothbrushes on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers.”5 If all that isn’t enough to convince you to buy a toothbrush as a gift, consider that it is a trendy gift that even celebrity models are giving. It’s the favorite holiday present of Olivia Culpo, a 26-year-old model, according to an article on PageSix.com. “They are the best and I love to gift them to my friends and family,” Culpo was reported as saying.6 “Plus, they are very easy to wrap in their box!”

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