Extraction can become necessary for a number of reasons. These include the breaking or decay of any one of your teeth, especially those in the back of your mouth. Making the decision to go forward with this type of procedure isn’t easy for everyone.

Should wisdom teeth be removed? How do you know?

If your wisdom teeth or tooth haven’t fully erupted, it can be a cause for removal. This can also be the case with incorrect positioning of the wisdom teeth which can ultimately lead to tooth decay.

A tooth that has not grown properly can face serious complications. This is due to it being partially hidden within the gum. Cysts and infections can occur in instances such as these. When this happens, it is said to be impacted which warrants removal.

With incorrect positioning, crowding can occur. Not only can the wisdom tooth crowd out other teeth, but it can also even grow out horizontally. This creates an unnatural positioning with its coupled partner. It may affect your ability to chew, your jaw and your bite.

Positioning can make cleaning easier or more difficult. You should be able to reach every area of the mouth during daily cleaning. Obstacles or challenges to this can drastically diminish oral health.

Are there signs or symptoms to indicate these occurrences?

Paying attention to what happens in that area of your mouth can alert you to any issues. Consistent or persistent pain, cysts or decay in that specific spot is a good indicator. Irritation or discomfort in the back of your mouth may also be a sign. If you have or are experiencing any of these symptoms it may be time to speak to your dentist.

Is removal in this area safe?

Risk and recovery time increase based on age. If you are still young, your roots and bones are still underdeveloped. This is the best time to do this type of extraction. It is far less painful, and recovery is also easier, progressing at a more rapid pace. However, everyone responds differently, some people have little pain and minimal swelling that lasts a few days.

Related Questions

Isn’t this procedure at a young age ill-advised?

It is not advisable to take out a wisdom tooth that is healthy. Many people have done this in the past as a precautionary action. It has been solely based on what may occur in the future. It is worth noting that it is possible for there to be healthy growth. Waiting for a full eruption is the best course of action.

Paying close attention to your oral hygiene is important. It will allow you to spot any early signs of danger. Visiting the dentist regularly is highly recommended to keep your oral and dental health in check.

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