If you’re new to using removable dentures, you need to know how to take care of them and keep them clean and safe for durability and years of use. How do you do that? There’s a right way to take care of your removable dentures and it’s luckily, pretty easy. Keep in mind, however, that taking care of your dentures isn’t just about physically cleaning them but also lifestyle choices to make sure what you’re exposing your dentures to is safe.

Preventing wear and stains on your dentures is an important part of dental health once you’ve been prescribed dentures.

Just like you’d regularly clean your teeth, you need to keep your dentures healthy. You do that through the foods and drinks you consume with your dentures and a strict process of hygiene.

Below are some steps to take to ensure you properly care for your dentures during their lifetime.

Cleaning Your Dentures

You’ll want to regularly rinse your dentures throughout the day to clean them of food debris and any loose particles. Each night you’ll want to remove your dentures and brush them to remove any remaining debris throughout the day. You’ll especially want to focus on the groves that adhere the dentures to your gums. Also make sure to clean your gums of adhesive during this time.

Overnight Soaks

After daily and routine cleanings, you’ll need to make sure you’re leaving your dentures to properly soak overnight. Place them in water mixed with a mild denture-soaking solution. Make sure to follow any manufacturer’s instructions on overnight procedures and defer any questions you have to your dentist. Also be sure to handle your dentures with care and not too store them in any way that damages them.

Things to Avoid

There are some things to avoid when it comes to taking care of your dentures. Be sure not to bend or damage the materials during cleaning. Avoid abrasive cleaning materials and bleach containing products. Do not use hot or boiling water on your dentures as they could warp. Don’t use toothpaste that is advertised as whitening as the peroxide could change the color of the denture teeth.

Related Questions

What happens if my dentures are loose?

Talk to your dentist. Loose fits in dentures can cause problems and damage your gums. A dentist can help you refit the dentures to ensure the fit is correct and snug.

What foods shouldn’t I eat with dentures?

Dentures are not as strong as your natural teeth. Avoid buts, popcorn, apples, and hard candy. Stay away from tough meats and anything that requires tenderizing. Chewing to much can cause sores to develop where the dentures rub against your gums.

Talk to your dental professional about your concerns and questions for your dentures. Dentures offer an effective solution to restoring your natural smile if you are missing teeth. They also help deter sagging facial muscles, limiting speech, and avoiding certain foods.

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