An abscess is not a condition to be trifled with and having it present itself in a sensitive place such as the mouth is especially alarming. Knowing exactly what a tooth abscess is, how it presents itself over time can help you avoid complications in the event of an incident. Any pain or swelling in the mouth should be addressed with your dentist promptly, especially if they are accompanied with a fever. Whether it turns out to be a tooth abscess or not, your dentist will get your mouth back on track.

What is a tooth abscess?

This is the aftermath of an infection within the mouth that has started to collect pus in pocketed areas. It tends to be quite painful and can result in death if left untreated.

You mouth naturally houses a range of bacteria and poor oral hygiene, among other things, can result in overpopulation, causing contamination. The infected spot over time can start to collect pus, forming a mass in areas such as the tip or root of the tooth. These can also be present on the gum itself.

As your body tries to fight the contamination it leaves behind dead cells and bacteria that form the abscess. As size increases so does the pressure and inflammation surrounding the spot and that is why this occurrence is so painful as it is dangerous.

If left untreated this medical condition can result in death as the bacteria within the infected area has the ability to travel into other parts of the body such as the heart or brain. When something like this happens, it can sometimes be life threatening.

What factors besides poor oral hygiene contribute to this condition?

Any break in the surface layer of the skin can be a catalyst to infection. This includes trauma while other causes are as subtle as a wedged piece of food such as the kernel of popcorn or a tear that occurs due to aggressive brushing.

Related Questions

Does treatment for this illness require antibiotics?

This depends on the nature of and gravity of the contamination. For example, if the cause is due to a wedged piece of food, simply removing the object and cleaning the area would be sufficient. If, however, the cause is a cavity, this must first be addressed before any other treatment can take place.

Should I still visit my doctor if my mass popped on its own?

This is most especially when a visit to the dentist should be made as the mouth needs to be properly cleaned to ensure the cause has been neutralized. It is also of benefit to scan surrounding areas as spreading of the infection can be high in situations such as these.

This occurrence can be both concerning and painful but identifying the signs such as pain and swelling followed by the taking of necessary action by you, can ensure your health and a reduction in complications.

If you have any concerns about what is going on with your teeth and dental health, a visit to your dentist is a must. Never ignore pain or selling in your mouth and if you are running a fever, that is a sure sign that something is wrong with your dental health.

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