The things we drink can have an ill-effect to our teeth. How beverages affect teeth can depend on a number of factors. The primary factor being the amount of acidity present. It is too acidic if it is up to 5.5 on the pH scale. Always seek advice from your dentist when it comes to your oral and dental health.

What makes acidic food and beverages bad for our teeth?

It makes the enamel get soft which causes the teeth to be prone to damage (cavities). Too much acid can also make teeth more sensitive. Once the enamel has eroded, it can’t grow back becoming the gateway to a host of dental problems.

Why Some Drinks Harm Your Oral Health

Certain drinks are harmful to not only your teeth but also your oral health. In addition to being high sugar, they also have high acidity pH levels creating erosion and excessive wear of teeth. We often give our kids sports drinks, kool aid, and fruit punch. These drinks are the heaviest in acid pH levels which is what causes teeth to weaken and collect decay, eventually forming cavities.

Drinks that are Bad for Your Teeth

● Wine
● Beer
● Vodka
● Soda
● Fruit punch
● Fruit juice
● Sports drinks

Drinks that are Good for Your Teeth

Water: we already know that water is good for our bodies. It is also good for the teeth. Water not only keeps us hydrated, it keeps the flow of saliva going. Also providing necessary minerals needed to protect our teeth from decay.
Coffee: although coffee is known to create staining on our teeth; it is actually good for them. It is slightly acidic (5.0 pH level), however, if you eliminate cream and sweetener can be good for your teeth. Drinking black coffee can actually deter the development of decay and cavities.
Milk: Milk contains calcium and other minerals and proteins that are responsible for the deterrence of cavity-causing growth on the teeth. Even though it is slightly high in pH levels (at 6.5) it is still an excellent beverage for the health of teeth.

What We Can Do to Improve Our Oral Health

We can improve our oral health by substituting sugary drinks with more healthy choices. By drinking water, unsweetened tea, milk, diluted juices, and plain sparkling water we can advance the state of our oral health. If you must drink from the “bad” list, make sure to limit the frequency and rinse your mouth with water after. This will help restore the pH level in your mouth.

Since bacteria in the mouth thrives on sugar, all of the above drinks contain little to no sugar. If you start drinking more drinks with less sugar you will not be promoting bacterial growth which leads to tooth decay. If you are concerned about your dental health, are experiencing tooth sensitivity or mouth pain, call your dentist promptly.

Sedki Dentistry wants you to have a healthy mouth and smile that lasts a lifetime. Proper oral health habits and dental checkups 1 -2 times a year is highly recommended and can help keep your oral health in check. If your mouth is healthy, your overall health is more likely to be healthy.

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