Everyone deserves to smile, just like everyone deserves a smile filled with bright, shiny, white teeth. You’re an avid brusher. You never forget to floss or use mouth wash, but still your teeth seem to be missing something. If they’re not as bright white as you’d like them to be, most people will turn to the obvious solution- teeth whitening. The question is: do you choose the over the counter teeth whitening kit or get them whitened professionally?

When considering whitening your teeth, most dentists offer both take home and in-office whitening solutions.

One of them saves you time and money, but overall the benefits from getting your teeth professionally whitened are incomparable.

Safer on your gums

Did you know the active ingredient in all teeth whitening products is hydrogen peroxide? No matter which route you go; over the counter or professional, it’s all about the hydrogen peroxide.

The difference is in over the counter products, the hydrogen peroxide is less concentrated for one reason: your gums.

With at home kits, strips are covered in a hydrogen peroxide ‘goo’, but you can’t really control where the goo is going. It indefinitely has some contact with your gums. If the hydrogen peroxide was as strong and effective as the dentist’s there would be significant gum damage and pain.

However, if you get your teeth professionally whitened, you get the best of both worlds: the most effective whitening without the gum pain. Dentist’s are able to control and prevent hydrogen peroxide from getting on your gums by using customized teeth trays.

Easier to use

Don’t be fooled by the ‘light’ method of whitening your teeth. While it may seem convenient, the results are not proven. The fact is, there’s nothing easier than seeing the professionals- all you have to do is sit in the chair.

Getting your teeth professionally whitened is easier to use the first time and easier to touch-up.

More effective

The problem is there’s just no promising that over the counter kits will work. They’re either not concentrated enough, too concentrated that it’s dangerous to ingest, or they really only whiten the front 6 to 8 teeth.

For the number of times you’ll be buying these kits over and over, you’ll end up saving money by going to the dentist once.

The professionals promise effectiveness the first time, with their highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide and teeth trays that whiten all of your teeth, and only your teeth, in one visit. Not to mention you get peace of mind at the dentist’s office. You get to be monitored by the professionals who can make sure nothing goes wrong.

Over the counter teeth whitening kits temporarily work for some, however, the obvious choice for your brightest smile and longevity is professional teeth whitening.

When you look your best, you feel your best and for some it begins with a whiter, brighter smile. Our Commerce area dental office can help you achieve that! Dr. Sedki offers many options for whitening your teeth and has brightened countless smiles for 20 years. Our whitening solutions are safe and will create a beautiful long-lasting smile! Offering the latest technology in cosmetic dentistry, as well as dental treatments and children’s dentistry, Sedki Dentistry can meet the dental health needs of your entire family. Call today for a Free dental consultation!