Finding out you need new teeth can be scary but is also a natural part of dental health. At some point in our lives, most of us are going to need some sort of dental replacement. But which works the best for you? Your two main options will be dentures or dental implants. They’re both effective, but very different and will result in different qualities of dental health after the fact. How do you know which works best for you?

Dental implants are a more invasive but more durable and permanent procedure.

They involve implanting a replacement root first into the gums and jaw and then implanting a crown over top to act as your tooth. Dentures are less invasive but much more long-term work and subject to more maintenance. How do you pick what’s going to work best for you?

To give you a place to start on your research, below are some benefits of dental implants and how to go about consulting with a dentist about them

They’re More Natural

One of the most attractive things about dental implants are how natural they look. They’ll not only appear to others to be your own natural teeth but will also feel like your natural teeth as well. There’s less worry about what you can or can do with them because they behave and function like your natural teeth.


Dental implants are designed to be a replacement for a tooth you lost, a lifelong replacement. While there will be some wear and tear and maintenance as with your regular teeth, there won’t be a nightly cleaning procedure like dentures or a need to remove them to eat or drink certain things. Dental implants become your teeth; with all the durability you’d expect from that.

Self Esteem

Dental implants are going to look great. While dentures are also objectively well shaped and colored teeth, many people experience self-consciousness while wearing dentures, you can minimize this stress with implants. They don’t fall out, they look natural, and they are your teeth.

Related Questions

Who Is A Better Candidate for Implants Over Dentures?

While this question is best answered by each individual person, since much of it is about preference, there are some health factors that come into play. You may not have gums or a jaw healthy or durable enough to receive implants. The process is invasive and requires a recovery time while your bones and gum accept the new tooth. If you have a history of problems in your jaw or with your gums, it may complicate the implant process and make dentures a better option.

What Is the Cost Difference?

Depending on where you live and what your mouth needs, dental implants range from $3,000-$30,000, and with the price going to the higher end the more you implants you get. The cost of dentures will per upper or lower unit with the average price falling somewhere between $1900-$3,000 per unit. Prices do vary and every mouth is different so make sure to talk with your dentist about pricing and what financing options they have available.

Dental implants are a big commitment but can reap big rewards for your self-esteem and everyday function. Dentures are also a cost effective and less invasive option, but only you and your dentist are going to know which is going to be the best option for you.

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